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column combiner which uses a custom JavaScript function to combined the values The script itself can be any valid JavaScript code. It will be embedded in a function. Therefore the last statement has to return a value.

In case of a single line statement the code piece statement return will be automatically prefixed.

The function signature is:
(row: any, index: number, children: Column[], values: any[], raws: (number|null)[]) => number

param: row
the row in the dataset to compute the value for
param: index
the index of the row
param: children
the list of LineUp columns that are part of this ScriptColumn
param: values
the computed value of each column (see children) for the current row
param: raws
similar to values. Numeric columns return by default the normalized value, this array gives access to the original "raw" values before mapping is applied
the computed number in the range [0, 1] or NaN

In addition to the standard JavaScript functions and objects (Math, ...) a couple of utility functions are available:

max(arr: number[]) => number
computes the maximum of the given array of numbers
min(arr: number[]) => number
computes the minimum of the given array of numbers
extent(arr: number[]) => [number, number]
computes both minimum and maximum and returning an array with the first element the minimum and the second the maximum
clamp(v: number, min: number, max: number) => number
ensures that the given value is within the given min/max value
normalize(v: number, min: number, max: number) => number
normalizes the given value (v - min) / (max - min)
denormalize(v: number, min: number, max: number) => number
inverts a normalized value v * (max - min) + min
linear(v: number, input: [number, number], output: [number, number]) => number
performs a linear mapping from input domain to output domain both given as an array of [min, max] values. denormalize(normalize(v, input[0], input[1]), output[0], output[1])






_children: Column[] = []
desc: Readonly<IColumnDesc>
parent: Readonly<IColumnParent> = null

parent column of this column, set when added to a ranking or combined column

DEFAULT_SCRIPT: "let s = 0;\ncol.forEach((c) => s += c.v);\nreturn s / col.length" = DEFAULT_SCRIPT
EVENT_ADD_COLUMN: "addColumn" = 'addColumn'
EVENT_DIRTY: "dirty" = 'dirty'
EVENT_DIRTY_CACHES: "dirtyCaches" = 'dirtyCaches'
EVENT_DIRTY_HEADER: "dirtyHeader" = 'dirtyHeader'
EVENT_DIRTY_VALUES: "dirtyValues" = 'dirtyValues'
EVENT_FILTER_CHANGED: "filterChanged" = 'filterChanged'
EVENT_GROUP_RENDERER_TYPE_CHANGED: "groupRendererChanged" = 'groupRendererChanged'
EVENT_LABEL_CHANGED: "labelChanged" = 'labelChanged'
EVENT_METADATA_CHANGED: "metaDataChanged" = 'metaDataChanged'
EVENT_MOVE_COLUMN: "moveColumn" = 'moveColumn'
EVENT_REMOVE_COLUMN: "removeColumn" = 'removeColumn'
EVENT_RENDERER_TYPE_CHANGED: "rendererTypeChanged" = 'rendererTypeChanged'
EVENT_SCRIPT_CHANGED: "scriptChanged" = 'scriptChanged'
EVENT_SUMMARY_RENDERER_TYPE_CHANGED: "summaryRendererChanged" = 'summaryRendererChanged'
EVENT_VISIBILITY_CHANGED: "visibilityChanged" = 'visibilityChanged'
EVENT_WIDTH_CHANGED: "widthChanged" = 'widthChanged'

magic variable for showing all columns


  • get canJustAddNumbers(): boolean
  • get description(): string
  • Returns string

  • get fixed(): boolean
  • Returns boolean

  • get fqid(): string
  • returns the fully qualified id i.e. path the parent

    Returns string

  • get fqpath(): string
  • Returns string

  • get frozen(): boolean
  • Returns boolean

  • get id(): string
  • Returns string

  • get label(): string
  • Returns string

  • get length(): number


  • assignNewId(idGenerator: () => string): void
  • clearFilter(): boolean
  • createEventList(): string[]
  • detach(): void
  • dump(toDescRef: (desc: any) => any): any
  • fire(type: string | string[], ...args: any[]): void
  • flatten(r: IFlatColumn[], offset: number, levelsToGo?: number, padding?: number): number
  • forward(from: IEventHandler, ...types: string[]): void
  • forwards one or more events from a given dispatcher to the current one i.e. when one of the given events is fired in 'from' it will be forwarded to all my listeners


    • from: IEventHandler

      the event dispatcher to forward from

    • Rest ...types: string[]

      the event types to forward

    Returns void

  • getExportValue(row: IDataRow, format: "text" | "json"): any
  • getGroupRenderer(): string
  • getNumberFormat(): (n: number) => string
  • getRange(): [string, string]
  • getRenderer(): string
  • getScript(): string
  • getSummaryRenderer(): string
  • getVisible(): boolean
  • getWidth(): number
  • groupByMe(): boolean
  • groupSortByMe(ascending?: boolean, priority?: number): boolean
  • hide(): void
  • insertAfterMe(col: Column): boolean
  • insertBeforeMe(col: Column): boolean
  • isFiltered(): boolean
  • isGroupSortedByMe(): { asc: "asc" | "desc"; priority: number }
  • isGroupedBy(): number
  • isLoaded(): boolean
  • isSortedByMe(): { asc: "asc" | "desc"; priority: number }
  • isVisible(): boolean
  • listenersChanged(_type: string, _active: boolean): void
  • markDirty(type?: "header" | "values" | "all"): void
  • moveImpl(col: Column, index: number, oldIndex: number): Column
  • removeImpl(col: Column, index: number): boolean
  • removeMe(): boolean
  • setGroupRenderer(renderer: string): void
  • setRenderer(renderer: string): void
  • setScript(script: string): void
  • setSummaryRenderer(renderer: string): void
  • setVisible(value: boolean): void
  • setWidth(value: number): void
  • setWidthImpl(value: number): void
  • show(): void
  • sortByMe(ascending?: boolean, priority?: number): boolean
  • toggleMyGroupSorting(): boolean
  • toggleMySorting(): boolean
  • unforward(from: IEventHandler, ...types: string[]): void