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Interface ICategoricalColumn


Implemented by



categories: ICategory[]
dataLength: number
desc: Readonly<IColumnDesc>
labels: string[]
parent: Readonly<IColumnParent> = null

parent column of this column, set when added to a ranking or combined column


  • get description(): string
  • get fixed(): boolean
  • get fqid(): string
  • returns the fully qualified id i.e. path the parent

    Returns string

  • get fqpath(): string
  • get frozen(): boolean
  • get id(): string
  • get label(): string


  • assignNewId(idGenerator: () => string): void
  • clearFilter(): boolean
  • createEventList(): string[]
  • detach(): void
  • dump(toDescRef: (desc: any) => any): any
  • dumps this column to JSON compatible format


    • toDescRef: (desc: any) => any

      helper mapping function

        • (desc: any): any
        • Parameters

          • desc: any

          Returns any

    Returns any

    dump of this column

  • filter(row: IDataRow, _valueCache?: any): boolean
  • fire(type: string | string[], ...args: any[]): void
  • flatten(r: IFlatColumn[], offset: number, _levelsToGo?: number, _padding?: number): number
  • visitor pattern for flattening the columns


    • r: IFlatColumn[]

      the result array

    • offset: number

      left offset

    • _levelsToGo: number = 0

      how many levels down

    • _padding: number = 0

      padding between columns

    Returns number

    the used width by this column

  • forward(from: IEventHandler, ...types: string[]): void
  • forwards one or more events from a given dispatcher to the current one i.e. when one of the given events is fired in 'from' it will be forwarded to all my listeners


    • from: IEventHandler

      the event dispatcher to forward from

    • Rest ...types: string[]

      the event types to forward

    Returns void

  • getExportValue(row: IDataRow, format: "text" | "json"): any
  • getGroupRenderer(): string
  • getRenderer(): string
  • getSummaryRenderer(): string
  • getVisible(): boolean
  • getWidth(): number
  • groupByMe(): boolean
  • groupSortByMe(ascending?: boolean, priority?: number): boolean
  • hide(): void
  • insertAfterMe(col: Column): boolean
  • insertBeforeMe(col: Column): boolean
  • isFiltered(): boolean
  • isGroupSortedByMe(): { asc: "asc" | "desc"; priority: number }
  • isGroupedBy(): number
  • isSortedByMe(): { asc: "asc" | "desc"; priority: number }
  • isVisible(): boolean
  • listenersChanged(_type: string, _active: boolean): void
  • markDirty(type?: "header" | "values" | "all"): void
  • marks the header, values, or both as dirty such that the values are reevaluated


    • type: "header" | "values" | "all" = 'all'

      specify in more detail what is dirty, by default whole column

    Returns void

  • removeMe(): boolean
  • setGroupRenderer(renderer: string): void
  • setRenderer(renderer: string): void
  • setSummaryRenderer(renderer: string): void
  • setVisible(value: boolean): void
  • setWidth(value: number): void
  • setWidthImpl(value: number): void
  • show(): void
  • sortByMe(ascending?: boolean, priority?: number): boolean
  • triggers that the ranking is sorted by this column


    • ascending: boolean = ...

      ascending order?

    • priority: number = 0

      sorting priority

    Returns boolean

    was successful

  • toggleMyGroupSorting(): boolean
  • toggleMySorting(): boolean
  • unforward(from: IEventHandler, ...types: string[]): void